Help Grandparents Get Wired!

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It comes as no surprise that 98% of 18-29 year olds use the internet, but did you know only 56% of 65+ adults do? That’s why Do Something has launched Grandparents Gone Wired in partnership with MentorUp, an initiative that lets teens make a difference by being a tech teacher to a senior in their family or local community.

The need is real. 1 in 4 Americans 50-64 don't know how to use the internet. So give back and spread joy this holiday season by sharing your tech smarts with someone you care about! Take the time to set up Facebook accounts for your grandparents and then teach them how to use the social network to stay connected with family & friends or show an older neighbor how the internet can help them with a job search.Studies show that internet use increases quality of life for the elderly by reducing their risk of depression by 34%. So choose a senior (or even a few of them) to help, then use steps provided by the campaign to teach them the various types of tech that you’re a pro at like your computer, phone, tablet, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype and email. And while you’re at it, help the adult you're teaching snap a selfie and tweet it with #ggw to @dosomething @mentorup. If your snapshot wins you could snag yourself a pair of Urbanears headphones!

Watch the video below to find out more: