How to Break Into the Beauty Industry

break-into-beauty-final-535x572Long-time Beauty Editor Courtney Dunlop and her model/design consultant sister Brit Dunlop have worked their way to the top of the beauty industry, working on the editorial and business sides of Beauty. They've done it all... but they started out in Missouri without a clue how to begin. Now they're sharing their steps and advice in a new book, Break Into BeautyIf you dream about having a career in the beauty industry (which can involve everything from trying out new beauty products to touring French Perfumeries), you should get this book and take notes. It's for people who have no idea where to start, and it'll help you get your foot in the door. For real. Break Into Beauty includes tips on everything from what to read to how to interview for a job in beauty, and Courtney gave us these extra nuggets of wisdom to share here today:

 "Do whatever you can to immerse yourself in the industry now. It gives you something to talk about later when you're interviewing for internships. I worked at Bath & Body Works and at an Aveda salon in my hometown. Both experiences gave me one-on-one time with customers and gave me insight into how people shop for beauty. It might not seem like much but that is invaluable information for a future job."

 "Read as much as you can online about beauty so you're familiar with how the industry works and who the key players are. Hit key beauty sites -- -- on a regular basis. Cruise Sephora or Ulta to touch and feel the latest product launches."

 "Start paying attention to what area of the industry you're most interested in so you can shape your future college experience around that. Do you want to create ad campaigns? Maybe an advertising or communications major is best. Are you passionate about finding cool new brands to show your friends? A buying or merchandising major might be for you. Love cool packaging? Try design!"