How To Smell Like Candy

mm-lip-smackerHalloween is to-mor-row, do-dah, do-dah! As I lick my lips in anticipation of mini Twix, caramel apples and pixie stix, I'm sating my appetite by dousing myself in a few sugar-sweet beauty products.  Gummy Bear Perfume Oil ($7.50). Not only a great '80s cartoon, but also one of my favorite candies (Haribo's the best, natch). With a roll-on applicator, dab a little "Gummiberry Juice" on your wrists for a fruity, sweet scent.

 M&M Lip Smacker, Lip Smackers ($4.50, pictured). A trio of chocolate-y lip moisturizers: one for your pocket, one for your bag, and one because you'll probably misplace the pocket one.

 Warm Vanilla Sugar Lotion, Bath and Body Works ($12.50). There are a few things in life that make me happy: DVR, a good song and smelling like a freshly baked cookie.