Tech Love: Projecteo, the Tiny Instagram Projector!

projecteo-mainPre-digital cameras, people used film, and patiently waited for the pictures to be developed so they could make quaint things out of them called "Photo Albums." It was a simple time without #'s and @'s to worry about. Now with everyone and their mom (literally) on Instagram, there are millions of photos being snapped every minute, but other than getting "developed" in pixels, they don't have the touch or feel of something like an album. Which is kind of a bummer.

Projecteo has found a solution to this Digital Age problem by making a miniature projector ($26) to display your own Instagram pics. Download the app (or go to, and choose nine of your favorite Instagram photos ($9). They'll be developed onto a film wheel, which can be then be projected through the matchbox-sized gadget (pictured).

It's the best Instagram feed you could ever have.