Affordable Art: Tiny Showcase

affordable-art-tiny-showcaseIt's been a while, but here's another installment of Affordable Art That Doesn't Suck! Tiny Showcase was started by Jon Buonaccorsi and Shea'la Finch to help their friends get their artwork out there, seen and bought. The one creative stipulation? The artwork is must be diminutive in its nature (get it? "Tiny").

Besides offering amazing art at an affordable price point, a percentage from each print sold goes to a charity of that artist's choice. The lovely illustration ($20) you see is by Nicole Gustafsson, and if it ends up in your home, you'll also be helping out the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. 

Every week, Tiny Showcase unveils a new piece, so it's fun to check back often. Take a look at their shop for their not-sold-out-yet prints. Get 'em while you can.