All Hail the Comfy Pant

aerie_glitter_pantForget the white tee or LBD, my wardrobe essential is the Comfy Pant. No matter what I'm wearing in my normal "civilian hours," I count down the hours until I can come home, strip off my jeans, tights or dress, and slip my legs into a pair of loose, forgiving pants. Here are four that score a 100/100 on the Comfy Pant scale. ♥ Sparkle Sweatpant, Aerie ($35, pictured). Yes, even loungewear can be glamourous.

 Drawstring Jersey Pant, Old Navy ($23). Your classic Comfy Pant. Soft, cozy, stretchy, and transitions nicely from lounging on the couch to snoozing in bed.

 French Terry Drawstring Capri, Forever 21 ($11). This pair comes cropped -- perfect for a DIY pedi -- and in four cute colors: yellow, green, red and blue.

 Grey Velour Trousers, Zara ($35). Zara impressively styles grey velour pants with chelsea boots and a crisp, white blouse. (They call these "Trousers," but who are they kidding -- they're Comfy Pants!)