Battle Colds and Sniffles with Cute

tissue-box-coverI can't help but notice that everyone and their mom, literally, is getting sick. I myself am recovering from a nasty cold, and while lots of tea, soup and Kleenex has helped me regain my strength, there's nothing like some cute, sick accessories (yes, they exist!) to get you through the sniffles, wheezing and coughs.  Heart Shaped Straws ($8). When I'm in the depths of my feverish misery, I can't even muster the strength to lift my head a fraction off the pillow to take a sip of ginger ale. But with a straw, it's possible to angle your cup, so your horizontal position stays completely intact. Plus, these heart-shaped ones are pretty adorable.

 Any-Animal-You-Want Humidifier ($40). I love my humidifier as it's lessened my congested nights and phlegm-ridden days, but I'm feeling pretty jealous that I don't have one shaped like a penguin, cow, tiger, owl, duck, dog, elephant, frog, monkey, koala, pig, dragon, bear, or -- holy cow -- Spongebob Squarepants.

 Casa Shaped Tissue Cover ($5). I know, and appreciate, that a lot of tissue companies design their boxes to look "artful" in cool patterns and colors, but let's face it -- 99% of the time, they're pretty darn ugly. This house-shaped cover from Umbra slips over a square box, making it possible to pull tissue out of its chimney. Isn't that clever?