Making Dental Hygiene Fun

bacon_toothbrushDoes everyone have a candy-induced tummy-ache today? Well, the fun's over, amigos -- it's time to put the leftover candy in the freezer and start cleaning those teeth. ♥ Bogobrush ($10). The biodegradable toothbrush with a mission: for every purchase, a Bogobrush will be sent to you and also to someone in need. That's two mitzvahs in one tooth-cleaning tool.

♥ Bacon Toothpaste, Archie McPhee ($5, pictured). Try something savory after something sweet.

 Cupcake Dental Floss, Urban Outfitters ($6). If you just can't quit the allure of sweet treats, try this cupcake-scented floss. It removes tartar buildup -- something a Butterfinger cannot do.