Read It: Rookie Yearbook Two

rookie full coverOur love for Rookie is well documented. And this yearbook, the second one in two years? It's like a swoon-filled date with the person you've been online chatting with forever but hadn't yet met in person. Sigh. How do we love Rookie Yearbook Two? Let us count the ways:

 Gorgeous photo shoots that show us doable DIYs and real-life girls with real-life bodies and hair and cooler-than-ever accessories and personal style.

 Thoughtful essays about a huge variety of things, like parents' drinking problems, a complete guide to kissing, and manifestos on overcoming fear and being a late bloomer.

 Interactivity alert: Stickers, Tarot Cards, Fortune Tellers, Daily Affirmations.

 New stuff from people we already love: Mindy Kaling, Emma Watson, Judy Blume, Lena Dunham.

And all these things done with signature Rookie style, wit, bravery and heart. In short: A masterpiece. $30, worth every cent and more. Go get it.