12 Days of Love Letters

12_days.1 Our adoration for More Love Letters, the movement that asks you to leave sweet notes around your town and mail letters of encouragement to people who need a dose of love, is well documented. So how can we resist sharing the news about their biggest campaign of the year?

The third annual 12 Days of Love Letter Writing starts today. Each of the next 12 days will come with holiday-specific letter requests from people who could really, really use your cheer. Write one, two or all 12! Your gift is up to you. This is a way to spread joy among people whose hearts may be heavy, whose minds may be weary. Let's bring the cheer, people!

Sign up here to get the requests daily over the next 12 days. Then grab your stationery and buy a new holiday space pen for the occasion (ooh, writing instruments!). You in?