3 Party Dresses (Under $40!)

forever21-sequin-dressI found myself in a style quandary this weekend: I had nothing to wear to a party. The onslaught of holiday festivities has made it glaringly apparent that my wardrobe is NOT party-ready. So upon researching the flouncy, bouncy, sleek and short, I bestow upon you my affordable finds and final picks:  Sequined Statement Shift Dress, Forever 21 ($38). I love simple cuts like this classic shift dress. Sequins aren't normally my "thing," but at this price, the sparkly appeal is just too high to resist.

♥ Satin Star Print Dress, H&M ($25). Instead of polka dots, this classy, black dress is spotted with little stars. Twinkle, twinkle, who's-gonna-look-awesome?

♥ Leopard Lace Skater Dress, dELiA*s ($40). The cut that looks great on every figure: the skater dress fitted on the top with a full skirt, this dress is primed for hours of dancing... or eating.