Cool Girl: Karrie, 17, (Role) Model

karrie brownWe are not breaking news here, but in the category of possibly the coolest girl of 2013, we had to mention Karrie Brown, a 17-year-old model who also has Down Syndrome. Her Facebook Fan Page got a lot of attention and attracted Wet Seal, a company that endorses "fitting in while standing out." Plus-sized clothing works well for girls with Down Syndrome and Karrie began posting photos of herself in Wet Seal's plus-size outfits each day. That turned into a petition that led to her modeling gig, and Karrie was a natural -- which you can tell by looking at the personality-filled shots on her page.

Karrie's own style, she says, is "biker chic," and she requested Justin Bieber songs during the photo shoot. When she grows up she wants to model and also be a librarian, which indicates that she rules even more than we already knew.