Make that Side Braid Stick

girl powderPartly because it's cute, and partly because of major bed-head mornings, I've been wearing my hair in a side braid. It's a lovely look, even giving my locks a slight wave at the end of the day. (Bonus!) However, pieces of my hair *always* slip out of the braid. I have long hair (like past my boobs), so it's weird that it does that, right? Not really. Since my hair is heavy, straight and pretty smooth, it makes sense.

The trick to keeping that braid intact is adding a bit of texture and grip to hair, so strands won't slide out. The easiest way to accomplish this is with hair powder, which you can pick up at any drugstore. We like Not Your Mother's Girl Powder ($6) and Got2b Powder'ful Styling Powder ($6, and we promise despite the bad pun, it's a good product).

Adios, bobby pin.