Tech Love: Heyday the App for Effortless Journaling

heydayMany moons ago, I was a diligent and faithful journaler (like with a pen and paper). Today... not so much. To your pleasure or disdain, Facebook and Instagram have basically replaced the notebook as a way to chronicle our lives. But, what about people like me who prefer to keep things private and out of the social stream? A new, free app called Heyday is aiming to solve this problem, by making journaling essentially effortless -- and completely private. When you sign up for Heyday, it automatically creates content from your photos/videos and the data on your phone. The result is a sort of digital scrapbook: it reminds you of where you've been and what you did on what day and time.

Scrolling through my Heyday journal, it was cool to see that, Hey, I did eat that sushi six months ago! (Yes, there will also be photos you don't need to remember, like that selfie you took of yourself when you were trying on clothes are Urban Outfitters, but those are easy to delete.)

To me, nothing will ever replace the real thing, but Heyday is a great shortcut, especially when you're a lazy journaler like me.