What Kept Us Entertained in 2013!

ent-best-of-2013It's been quite the entertaining year, hasn't it? As we count down the days to 2014 (ack!), let us count down the things that have kept our attention this year:  Read It: Rookie Yearbook Two. Our most favorite funky, spunky and smart 17-year-old, Tavi Gevinson, put out her second installment of the Rookie Yearbook, chronicling the best nuggets and gems of her site, RookieMag.

♥ Best/Weird Japanese Instrument. The Otamatone. A weird-looking and sounding instrument, so, naturally, we love it.

 Vintage Teen Novels. Writer Lizzie Skurnick is uncovering treasured teen novels from the ’30s through the ’80s that have gone out of print and might otherwise be forgotten.

 Emojis That Can Talk. My obsession with these damn things have grown and branched out into emojis that talk.

 The Band We Heart: Foxygen. Lastly, we have the band Foxygen whose quirky-nostalgic sound and Bob Dylan-tinged vocals have maintained its place in my 2013 rotation.