Elle Fanning's Important 8-Minute Film

elle fanningElle Fanning, 15, is the star of Likeness, an 8-minute short directed by Wolf of Wall Street cinematographer Rodrigro Prieto, whose daughter Ximena has struggled with eating disorders. Ximena helped conceive the film, which shows Fanning moving through pin-thin models at a party who represent the images of beauty that girls see all around them in the media. It's disturbing and distorting for both viewer and actress, but it's important to recognize the impact of these images on girls. Note: The film gets graphic, so click with caution (our links lead to more information about the film rather than the video itself).

Prieto says that making the short was a healing device for him and his daughter. “Hopefully it's a way to help other kids say, ‘I feel like that. I understand that,’” he says. “It’s about being in a society where we feel judged, and are judging ourselves.” Read more about what inspired the film, and see how it changes your perspective.

If you know someone who needs help with an eating disorder, go here.