Fashion Flashback: Kinchaku

kinchakuI tend to rely on my social interactions (virtual and IRL) to alert me of current trends. My latest finding: the bucket bag is blowing up my Instagram feed. From Zara to BAGGU to Phillip Lim, this simple drawstring bag is The Silhouette for spring. But, instead of feeling the pressure to buy said bag, it just reminded of one of my favorite childhood accessories: a kinchaku.

Kinchaku is a traditional Japanese purse with a drawstring closure; typically, women carried one when wearing a kimono. I bought one (well, my mom did) in Japan that looked a lot like the one in the picture. As an 8-year-old, it was very, very, very fancy, and it was only for special occasions. But look at it! Basically a bucket bag. I was so on-trend in 1987.

Want a kinchaku of your own? Take a look at the selection on Etsy.