Happy Birthday, Betty White!

betty-white-92I grew up watching that crazy quartet of AARP-card-holding ladies. Even though I was only 10, The Golden Girlsleft an indelible impression on my young mind. It taught me that older women still had a healthy sex drive, and that hitting 60 didn't seem so bad if I could be like Rose Nylund. Played by Betty White, Rose was the quirky (and strange) Norwegian American from St. Olaf, MN. Her often recounted childhood stories were comedic gold, and I'll never forget the episode where she tap danced. Wow.

And today is Betty White's 92nd birthday! She's still as spunky and amazing as ever. To celebrate, the Sharper Image has unveiled a billboard in Times Square for 24 hours. Re-tweet or re-instagram a photo of the billboard at @SharperImage or @SharperImageOfficial with #SharpBetty, and the store will make a donation to one of her favorite charities, the Los Angeles Zoo.

What can we say, Betty? Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant. Happy Birthday!