Rosalee Ramer, 16, Crushes the Competition

rosalee-ramer-300x300Most teenagers can't wait until they turn 16 to get their driver's license. For Rosalee Ramer, 16, of Watsonville, CA, taking a spin to the movies doesn't quite cut it. She's more concerned about jumping 25 to 30 feet in the air in her custom-made ride. You see, Rosalee is the nation's youngest professional female monster truck driver.

With a tow truck driver for a dad, Rosalee grew up around cars and always possessed a keen interest for anything with a steering wheel. She raced go karts, but craved something a little bigger, more powerful -- something like a huge, crazy, monster-sized truck. She entered her first competition two years ago, and though it's a testosterone-heavy sport, she continuously wows the crowds and her peers with her skills and guts, taking huge jumps -- and landing them.

As much as she loves crushing, smashing and executing wheelies, she also loves the engineering and mechanics that go into designing her technically complicated trucks. Rosalee scored a 780 on the math portion of the SAT, and wants to major in mechatronics, the study of mechanical engineering and electronics, at MIT. (That campus better watch out!)

Brains, brawn and beauty. This girl, she's got it all.