This Star Won't Go Out

this star won't go outYou've likely seen the newly released trailer for The Fault in Our Stars, the upcoming movie adaption of the bestselling John Green novel, by now. (If you haven't, make sure you have a full box of tissues before you click here.) Green had been working for years on a book about kids with cancer, and though the main character of The Fault in Our Stars, Hazel (a 16-year-old fighting thyroid cancer), is not based on Esther Earl, Green has said that the book wouldn't be the same if he hadn't met this amazing fan and friend. He dedicated The Fault in Our Stars to Esther, who passed away in 2010 and never got to read it.

Esther had always wanted to be an author, and her father Wayne compiled her writing for family and friends after her death. When he sent a copy to Green, the author passed her work along to his editor at Dutton. This Star Won't Go Out, on sale this week, is the result.

The Earl family --  including Esther's parents, two older sisters and two younger brothers -- penned sections of this book, but most of it is pure Esther. Her journals, her illustrations, her photos, her life. She describes her heaven, she writes songs about Harry Potter, she talks about her loneliness. So who's this book for? Anyone who wants their own life to be richer. The girl knew how to live.

Go get it.