Alison, 22, Runs a Body Positive Tumblr

tumblr_mwq4en8Sq91qdlo2zo2_500 Alison, 22, from St. Louis, Missouri is the girl behind the tumblr AlisonWonderlandxO, where she posts about everything from kittens to pop culture to her favorite outfits. It was the style posts that caught our eye, because not only is Alison lovely, but she also radiates a healthy, happy self image -- and the girl knows her style. Here, we'll let her speak for herself:

I Heart Daily: What inspired you to create your tumblr? Alison: Back in 2012 I followed a lot of fashion and body positive blogs and started submitting to a few of them. It was so much fun that I started posting my own outfits among reblogging funny gifs, music, and pop culture stuff. After doing it for about six months, I started to get a lot of notes and it just became a really positive thing for me. I was inspired by the hundreds of other girls who were positing their own outfits and completely owning their own bodies no matter what size or shape they were. It was so empowering!

IHD: Where does your sense of style come from? A: I've enjoyed fashion since I was a young girl but I never really got into it until after high school. I was very self-conscious back then and stuck to mostly jeans and t-shirts. It was comfortable but once I graduated, I got a job and started having my own money to buy my own clothes and I felt like my options were endless. I started shopping online too and that was a big help because there are SO many places to buy plus size clothes online.

IHD: What are your favorite pieces of clothing in your closet right now? A: I'm obsessed with printed leggings. I always thought they were too much for me until I tried them but now I can't get enough! I also love all my dresses, especially ones from ASOS. They just have the cutest clothes in the world. My many pairs of Rockstar skinny jeans from Old Navy are perfect for wearing with my 50 pairs of boots. I'm also obsessed with my bright green pea coat that's getting my through this bitter St. Louis winter! Also, I couldn't make it without tights! Wal-Mart's No Nonsense brand are my fave.

IHD: What would you tell a girl who has a unique sense of style but is afraid to stand out? A: Try a little bit each day to not worry about what others think. I know it can be hard, but being able to stand out is such a great thing. I used to have the EXACT same fear though. I didn't want people looking at me like that. But hey, if you have a fierce outfit on, you deserve attention! You're not going to be able to please everyone and of course there's going to be negative comments made but at the end of the day, all the right people are going to support you. Never be afraid to look amazing!

IHD: What are you hearting right now? A: I'm hearting my home town of St. Louis. I've gotten a lot of snow days so I've been loving that! I'm hearting all my amazing friends who have been nothing but supportive of my journey into style blogging. I'm lucky to have such a great support system. I'm hearting my wonderful boyfriend Taylor who could not be more happy for me and brags to all his friends about me. He's my favorite person to share my outfits with. Also, last but not least, if you're in St. Louis, I insist that you hit up Joey B's and try their fried pickles. They'll change your life!