Beat Cabin Fever: 3 DIYs

DIY-pressed-flower-caseCabin fever is affecting us all. It's the homestretch of winter, but those glory days of temperate weather sans hats, scarves and mittens are still so (very) far away. Though we're all inclined to wave a white flag and become permanent fixtures on our couches, let's resist Netflix and indulge in some DIY projects. Here are three that, no matter your level of craftiness, anyone can do.

♥ Pressed Flower iPhone Cover, Etsy (pictured). Thought drying flowers was something only your Aunt Betsy did? Here's an updated version of this old-fashioned hobby.

 Tangle-Free Headphone Cord, Apartment Therapy. Too bad I didn't see this project three days ago -- I just spent too much money on a pair of earbuds with cloth-covered wires. And it's not even in fun colors. :(

 Blackboard Paint. OK, even the LEAST crafty of you can manage to paint a few coats on a wall. We believe in you.