Cool, Modern Monogram Jewelry

monogram necklaceThough the trend comes and goes, the monogram necklace (a la Carrie Bradshaw) is never out of style. Designers keep reimagining it in various ways, and here are some of our favorite recent takes:  Custom Initial Letter Necklace, SD Marie Jewelry ($32, pictured). Is it the playful font or the sleek positioning of this one that makes it so cool? No matter, I'll take one.

 Silver Letter Stacking Ring, es designs ($18). Snag three (or four) of these and build a tower of your full initials on your finger.

♥ Stencil Initial Letter Cuff, C. Wonder ($35, on sale). This hexagonal cuff is shiny and strong -- and the monogram letter is punched all the way through, so you'll get a little shadow of your initial. Cool!