ICYDK: Microbeads are Bad

no plasticWe all love a good scrub, but before you buy your next tube or bottle of exfoliating this-or-that, make sure it doesn't contain something called "microbeads." These little plastic particles are polluting the Great Lakes by the tens of millions, with no sign of ever. going. anywhere. These suckers don't disintegrate. In addition to keeping our natural resources pollutant-free, by avoiding microbeads you'll also be avoiding the possibility of endangering wildlife, and potentially affecting our drinking water.

Many huge beauty companies who own the likes of Dove, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear and Aveeno have agreed to phase out the use of microbeads in their products, which is good news for everyone -- plastic OUT, more holistic ingredients like sea shells, apricot seeds and rice IN.

If you need help in the beauty aisle, download this app: Warning: Plastics Inside! It will scan the barcode of any product and let you know if it's plastic-free or not. It's good to exfoliate with a clear conscience.