On-Sale Picks from MoMA

89757_A2_Puzzle_RingsNew York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has a design store that is, as you might assume, well curated. Often the items on the shelves are a little pricey, but right now there's a lot of good stuff on sale. Like this stuff:  Forget-Me-Knot Ring ($30). In pink or green, this is a sweet bow tied around your finger.

 The Pocket Calendar ($1!). Yes, you may have one now that it's late February, but in case you're hankering for a paper compliment to your smartphone scheduler, this vinyl-covered one is pretty cool, especially for just 100 pennies.

 Peas USB Hub ($20). It's just plain cute and useful.

 Turkish Puzzle Bath Ring ($6, pictured). The two pieces of this ring are worn together to sit atop your finger like a sculpture.

 Coonley Glasses ($10). Drink out of these works of art, featuring details of Frank Lloyd Wright's 1912 Avery Coonley Playhouse window. Even without that reference, they look pretty.