Really Punctuate with Accessories

ampersandWho says style and smarts can't coexist? For all you grammar nerds, here are some accessories to really -- pun alert! -- punctuate any ensemble. ♥ Fun & Games Rings, NastyGal ($12, pictured). Perhaps the most regal of all punctuation marks, the curvy ampersand is shorthand for the words "and per se and" (read more about it here -- it's fascinating!). If you're the more quizzical type: Ask Around Ring.

 Quotation Mark Earrings, nerdgoddess ($9.50). Wearing end quotes on each ear will make everything you say totally quotable.

 Typewriter Key Pendant, lettershop ($25). This typewriter key has been taken from an old-fashioned machine and turned into a unique necklace. This particular key features a semicolon; we love semicolons.