The Only Exfoliator You'll Ever Need

instant-peelIt was a kind gesture from a coworker; she gave me a free sample of a facial mask. Little did I know, IT WOULD CHANGE MY LIFE. InstantPeel is an natural exfoliator that uses natural proteins and enzymes to gently slough away dead skin, debris and, basically, all the stuff that shouldn't be on your face. It isn't a scrub though. The formula is slightly watery, taupe colored, and doesn't look like it'd do much (but, oh -- it does!).

The instructions say to steam your skin in the shower for five minutes before using. After that, you begin applying little amounts on your skin, massaging firmly, focusing on small areas. Then dead skin starts peeling off your face! A lot of it! And you're left with crazy soft, glowing skin. I'd never seen my skin so clear and dewy.

InstantPeel doesn't come cheap. A box of six packets will cost you $50 (or $35 on Amazon), but a little goes a long way, and it's much cheaper than a trip to the aesthetician.