These Jellyfish Don't Sting

jellyfish-airplantAir plants are trending hard these days. It's easy to see why: they're cool and spindly looking and they're pretty hard to kill (R.I.P. Maidenhair Fern). Two things that equal Decor Must-Have. I have a few scattered around my apartment, but I've had to position or prop them up on odds and ends. However, given the chance to turn them into little epiphyte jellyfish, well -- DUH, I would.

PetitBeast boasts the title of "Home to the Original Jellyfish Air Plants." For $25, you'll receive a package of three air plants, three sea urchins and a hanging kit. You just nestle the air plant inside the cavity of the shell, and there you have it -- a jellyfish. Dang, I love it so much.