Can Moodies Tell Your Mood?

moodies-appMove over mood rings, hello Moodies, an app that claims to detect your feelings based on your voice. Of course, I am suspect that something on my iPhone can read the nuances of my voice, but based on user feedback, the app has an accuracy rate of 80%. I downloaded it to see how Moodies rated my mood.

The app is easy to use: press a button to start, talk, and press again to stop. I talked about what I was making for dinner, which was a kale and white bean soup. I verbalized how I was peeling carrots, chopping onions and mincing garlic, and then I waited for my results, which said...

"Dominance: Dominance. Manipulation. Loss of inhibitions, aggressiveness."

Errr. Not so much, but perhaps I was dominating those vegetable with my kitchen knife. CHOPCHOPCHOP.

Intrigued? Download Moodies and try it for yourself!