Cool Girl: Gianna, 18, Jewelry Maker

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Gianna Gagliardi, 18, is making an impact on girls' education around the globe one pin and bracelet at a time. After discovering She's the First (an organization that we think is totally worth hearting) she was inspired to design hand-made jewelry to share their mission with everyone from her classmates and local community to social media followers. In between homework and changing the world she found some time to chat with us about her passion for empowering women and girls:

I Heart Daily: What inspired you to raise awareness for women’s leadership and girls’ education? Gianna Gagliardi: I spent the summer interviewing female government officials and conducting an online research study about girls’ choices to study Math. Additionally, I've interned for both a Pennsylvania Congressman and a state representative. While doing this I published an article about women leaders in politics, and became friends with the 2013 Miss Philadelphia. I entered a pageant with the platform of women's leadership. While looking at organizations that support the development of young girls, I found She's the First. I had hoped just to raise awareness and funds for this group, but it became so much more once I started to get creative ideas on how to bring their mission to my school.

IHD: You've been fundraising by selling handmade pins and bracelets. How can readers support your efforts? GG: The pins represent the 33% of girls who actually get to go to secondary school. There are 3 beads on either side of a larger main bead. The large main bead represents the ONE girl who is the FIRST to get to have an education. The circle of unity bracelets contain a bead from each of the countries STF is located in. The globe is a charm that shows that this is for every girl through out the entire world. The pins are $2.00 and the bracelets are $5.00, with 100% of the proceeds being sent to the STF organization. My family has donated the funds for the beads, supplies and mailings. Anyone interested can find me on Facebooktwitter or Instagram.

IHD: Who are some female leaders that inspire you? GG: I attended the PA Women's conference and met Judge Glenda Hatchett. Her lecture to "write your own story" was especially moving. But I think women sometimes do not get the press that men do, because they are too busy to stop!

To check out more of Gianna's jewelry and support a very worthy cause, get in touch with her here.