Double Duty Beauty Ideas

DoubleDutyWe are all about getting the most out of our beauty products (and finding quick fixes in a pinch). So we talked to Casey Casterline, the co-founder of, a great site where you can swap beauty samples, about her Double Duty Beauty ideas. Here's Casey:

 Using conditioner as shaving cream (I do this far more than I'd like to admit!)

 After you finish a mascara wand, re-purpose the want by using it to to fill in your eyebrows (put the wand in a bit of brown eyeshadow).

 If your face is oily and you are out of oil sheets, one sheet of toilet paper is just as effective!

 Use a hydrating eye cream in the place of lip balm if you run out. It will keep your lips supple and give them a light shine.

 Allow a light mist of hairspray to fall on your face after you’ve applied your makeup to set it for the day.

Thanks, Casey! Check out to start trading your own beauty samples, because even though you may not need that wrinkle-fighting sample yet, someone'll trade a great gloss for it!