Hear(t) It Hat Trick: Blouse, Frankie Cosmo, Upset

frankie-cosmosCan I get a: TGIF? Here are three bands for your weekend listening. Enjoy: Imperium -- Blouse. I just saw this four-piece from Portland open for Dum Dum Girls last night. Usually, I’m one of those horrible people who complains about supporting acts, but I truly enjoyed their austere, yet feel-good tunes. At first, Charlie Hilton’s voice feels aloof and cold, but after a few songs, her faintly accented delivery becomes familiar and comforting, like a perfect autumn day. Listen to: "Into Black."

Zentropy -- Frankie Cosmos. Greta Kline is the kind of 19-year-old I wish I had been. She dropped out of college to focus on her songwriting (doesn't that sound cool?), and just released this quietly quirky, kickass album, Zentropy. With lyrics like, “My ass is made of velvet/My hips are made of stone/If you really loved me/You will leave me alone,” she speaks the nonsensical truths all of us have thought, felt and wanted to say out loud. Listen to:"Buses Splash With Rain."

She's Gone -- Upset. The pop-punk music that Upset plays is my happy place -- the music I listen to when I need a pick-me-up, need to write really fast, or get motivated to clean the toilet. If you missed the '90s and want to relive the days of all-girl bands, put on some cat-eye glasses, throw on your cardigan and get pogo-ing. Listen to: "She's Gone."