Show Up to School Late (without a tardy)

alarm-clockFor four years, I got my butt to school at 7:25 every morning. Each bleary-eyed awakening was a hard fought battle with my alarm clock, my mom, my hairbrush and whoever had to drive me that day. Let’s just say, I was a little (a lot) cranky. Ever since I entered the “pay your own bills” world, the earliest I’ve ever had to show up to work was 9 AM. So what’s this cruel, at-the-crack-of-dawn joke that high schools play on sleepy teens?

Jilly Dos Santos, 17, thought the same thing. When her high school was going to move first bell from 7:50 AM to 7:20 AM, she knew something had to be done – she became a sleep activist.

Not only is it common sense that being tired is a subpar state to absorb information in, it’s a scientifically proven fact: teens need even more sleep, because your brain is still developing and growing!

After Jilly campaigned, educated and rallied around her cause, her case was justified when her school pushed the start time to 9:00 AM. Just imagine, a hallway of rested, happy students -- it's practically a miracle.

To learn more, check out Start School Later, a nonprofit that advocates for bright-eyed, well-rested pupils (pun intended).