The After-school Backpack

red-backpackIt wasn't too long ago that I was talking about Cute Back-to-School Backpacks. My, how time flies! Today, it's all about the, as I like to call it, "after-school backpack." You know, the ones that don't really fit your history book and binder, but look really stylish and cute? Yeah, those. Here are three that are extra credit worthy:

♥ Heartthrob Mini Backpack, NastyGal ($25, sale). The gold chain detailing makes it extra heartthrob-y. I'd like to think that Cher would pick this out for herself.

 Rockland Backpack, Need Supply ($89). This one says studious-yet-fun.

 Grainy Backpack, ASOS ($50, sale). Lace up your combat boots and throw on your flannel, because if you're into that whole '90s-grunge-resurgence thing, this is the ultimate accessory to complete your look.