3 Trends to Try $30 & Under

zara-shirtTrends can be tricky. They look so alluring on the pages of magazines and on your favorite style bloggers, but in reality? Who knows if that sequined, pineapple-printed cocoon dress is going to look good on you. When it comes to fashion, we should feel free to experiment, but... not at the cost of going broke, especially if it's something that won't be in our rotation for years to come. So, here are three trends that you can try without feeling financially irresponsible.

 Floral Print Jacket, H&M ($28). A good floral print never goes out of fashion, but while we're used to seeing it on dresses, it's migrated to outerwear.

 Brushstroke Print T-Shirt, Zara ($17, pictured). Patterns are just that -- a repeating set of graphic images, but they're going free-form with this painted-on look. This shirt recalls a big, sloppy, colorful print that looks somewhere between a leopard spot and poppy flower.

 Denim Overalls, Forever 21 ($30). Does the overall ever really go away? It doesn't, but it's REALLY going strong this year. I won't lie -- this two-strapped bib/pant piece isn't for everyone, but I encourage you to give it a shot. After all, nothing worth anything is easy.