8 Easy Earth Day To-Dos

bobble-bottleIt's Earth Day! I think by now we're all pretty much pros at this whole "being green" thing, but it never hurts to get a reminder once in awhile. Here are eight easy things to remember today and every day. Plastic water bottles are a big no-no. Get a reusable container, and if you insist on purified water, one of these Bobble bottles with a built-in filter does the trick.

 Instead of carrying your Cheetos to school in a disposable bag, invest in some cute tupperware.

Ride your bike (don't forget the helmet).

Try Meatless Mondays. The hamburgers will still be there on Tuesday.

Shop secondhand.

Especially now that there's a new iPhone coming out soon, responsibly dispose of your old electronics. Here's a guide on what goes where.

Sign a Billion Acts of Green, an international movement to protect the planet and secure a sustainable future.

Plant something and watch it grow. It's pretty, pretty cool.