A New YA Novel by Ann Brashares

the here and now brasharesWhen the author of one of the most beloved series of the century (Traveling Pants, anyone?) writes a new Young Adult novel, we want to know about it. Ann Brashares's The Here and Now is out today, and it's about a girl from the future who comes back in time to the present day -- but she knows about a future where a plague will ravage the earth. We talked to Ann about books, writing for teens and her amazing promo video with friend and former SNL cast member Ana Gasteyer (watch it to learn more about the new book -- and for laughs!). I Heart Daily: What made you want to return to writing Young Adult fiction (YA) with The Here and Now? Ann Brashares: I missed writing about teenagers -- not that I'd gotten very far away. As a reader and a writer, my heart has always been in YA. Since I've been back it is thrilling to see how much energy and talent there is in the YA community.

IHD: What are a few of your very favorite YA books? AB: A few pretty recent favorites are: Chime by Franny Billingsly, Angry Young Man by Chris Lynch, We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.

IHD: What were you and Ana thinking with this video? AB: Ana is a really good old friend. We met in fourth grade. My pals at Alloy Entertainment had this idea that instead of doing a regular book trailer for The Here and Now, we would do a spoof interview highlighting how comically difficult it is to associate myself with something other than The Traveling Pants. I thought of Ana right away. We had great time doing it. It was entertaining pretending like we didn't know each other, and pretending to be mad at her. My dad saw it and said, "It's one of the few times I've ever seen you mad." I said, "You know we were pretending, right?"

IHD: Ha! What are you hearting right now? AB: I am hearting Cream of Wheat (made with milk, not water), dried mango, my Yellow Submarine coffee mug ("Love is all you need"), the daffodils I saw in the park yesterday, my friend Ana.