Find a Book, Leave a Book

TBD2014Teen Lit Day is on Thursday 4/17 (that's two days away!) and while it's fun to celebrate by curling up with a new Young Adult novel, it's possibly more fun to participate in the scavenger hunt/good karma activity/super fun annual event known as Rock the Drop. Started by readergirlz, Rock the Drop is an initiative that makes Teen Lit Day so much more than passive YA love. Here's how it works:  Go around your house and find the YA books you'd love to share with more readers (or go buy some!).

 Visit readergirlz and print out the bookplate (above) to attach to your books (glue inside the cover or paperclip to the outside!).

 On Thursday, leave your bookplated books in high-visibility places in your town -- you know, park benches, public transportation, cafes.

 Follow @readergirlz on twitter, and track the hashtag #rockthedrop to see where people (including your favorite authors giving signed copies!) are dropping and finding books all over the world!

 Sit back and wait for the good karma waves to hit you. They will.