Reader Post: Fangirling over Alyson Noel

soul seekersAvid reader Shelby, 15, wrote an ode to her favorite Young Adult author, Alyson Noel. So what does Shelby love so much about the Soul Seekers series (pictured)? We'll let her tell you: "I love the Soul Seekers books because they're very down to earth -- nothing is exaggerated, things feel real and make sense. I like that the setting isn't in a big city but rather in a place that's calm. The main character, Daire, has to connect to and understand four elements to master them.

"Daire's connections with Cade, her enemy, and Dace, her love, are so well done -- Cade and Dace are from the same soul but they are totally different people.

"The way the worlds are described is very intriguing and unique. The Lower World is my favorite -- and I love that spirit animals guide the characters in making important decisions. My spirit animal is a fox --what's yours?"

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