The You Must Try This Must-Have

cure-natural-aqua-gelWhen I said this was the only exfoliator you'll ever need, I really thought that -- but that was before I found out about Cure Natural Aqua Gel. Now, I take it all back, because this stuff is seriously amazing. Cure Natural Aqua Gel is Japan's No. 1-selling beauty product (they say one bottle is sold every twelve seconds!). Much like InstantPeel, Aqua Gel gently exfoliates to reveal super soft, glowy skin. The main difference is 1) You get more bang for your buck with Aqua Gel and 2) Aqua Gel's formula is clear and slightly thicker than water, as opposed to InstantPeel's clay-like consistency.

To use, apply to a clean face that is DRY (this part is important); gently massage into face using small circles. As you rub, the formula begins to work and little balls of dead skin will start to form.

It's kind of the grossest, most satisfying at-home beauty procedure you'll ever do. I highly recommend.