Aloha, Hawaiian Prints!

hawaiian-print-dressMy boyfriend has inadvertently introduced me to summer's hottest print: Hawaiian. He started wearing a hand-me-down Hawaiian shirt, and soon after, I began seeing floral, tropical prints EVERYWHERE. What a trendsetter.  Island Cami Romper, Forever 21 ($20). Everyone needs at least one romper in their closet, and this lovely version is not only pretty, but it's also perfect if you ever decide to spend Christmas in Honolulu.

 Hawaiian Sock, 5 pack, ASOS ($13). Though socks don't get heavy use in sandal season, when there's that occasional chilly day, wear an island-themed pair to keep the spirit of summer with you.

♥ Hawaiian Print Shirt, Zara ($20). A t-shirt without big, pretty flowers: meh. A t-shirt with big, pretty flowers: WOOHOO!