Crushing on Constellations

constellation-makeup-bagSpace: the final frontier. Unlike Spock and James T. Kirk, most of us will never get to experience the joys of outer space, but we can wear things that resemble it!

Here are three out of this world constellation-themed items that will have you seeing stars.

♥ Celestial Chateau Makeup Bag, ModCloth ($28, pictured). There's never a better time for freshening up on your galaxy knowledge while putting on some lipstick. Andromeda or Ursa Minor, anyone?

♥ Constellation Earrings, ThinkGeek ($10). These earrings depict crowd favorites, the Little and Big Dipper. Depending on the way you position them, they will climb up your earlobe or delicately dangle down.

 Constellation Knee Socks, Fast Girl Skates ($10). Your feet may be on the ground, but in spirit, they'll be floating in space.