Cute Skorts Under $25

striped skortWhether we've used the word or not, we've made our approval of the skort clear, I believe. Now that it's warm out, we're ready to flaunt the short-skirt love. Here are three options for $25 or less:  Origami Mini Skort, MNG by Mango ($25, on sale). This JCPenney line brings you a skort that is Tinkerbell in the front, straight business in the back.

 Bold Striped Skort, Forever 21 ($22, pictured). It's like a badass mini, but one you can wear to a picnic and do cartwheels in because -- surprise! -- it's shorts.

 Printed Skort, Croft & Barrow ($25, on sale). Here's a piece from Kohl's that skirts the traditional skort definition -- it looks traditionally skirty but has undershorts attached. Go with stars or flamingos for a Lily Pulitzer feel this summer.