We App-prove This: StyleKick

style-kickIf you find your clothing inspiration on the street rather than in magazine pages, welcome to your next app-addiction: StyleKick. StyleKick compiles street style photos from the chicest, baddest, sassiest bloggers and fashionistas around the world. You just swipe, swipe, swipe from one awesome outfit to another, and when you see something you like, you double-tap the item, and it gets saved to your favorites folder for later retail investigation.

Even cooler, each photos is easily shareable on all of our favorite social platforms, and you can also upload your own outfits that your personal followers will see. Another nice feature: the more items you "like," the more StyleKick will know what your particular style is, and show you photos/outfits especially curated for you (isn't that nice?)

Download StyleKick here. We know how you'll be spending your weekend.

PS - We haven't forgotten about you Android-ers! StyleKick "promises" they are working an Android version, but in the meantime, head over to its website, StyleKick.com.