Cool Girl: Courtney, 18, in a Potato Sack

barich dressCourtney Barich, a high school student in British Columbia, was a little turned off after prom dress shopping and finding price tags around $700. When the 18-year-old told her mom she would feel selfish spending that much, her mom said she'd look good in anything -- "even a potato sack." That sparked an idea.

Barich told friends she'd wear a prom dress made from a potato sack if she could raise $10,000 for St. Martin de Porres Orphanage in the Philippines, which she'll visit with classmates in September. So far she's gathered over $10,000 -- and she rocked that sack (pictured). The dress was created by Suman Faulkner of Lata Design, who donated her services and designed a fitted single-strap burlap gown with small pink and yellow flower detailing.

Want to cheer Barich on? She is still accepting donations, and every little bit helps.