Dry Oil Spray > Cream Lotion Pump

no7-body-sprayIn my last beauty post, I suggested ditching your hair dryer for the summer season. Today, I'm telling you to get rid of another bathroom beauty staple until fall -- body lotion. We all like a touchably soft epidermis, especially in these skin-baring months, but all that creamy lotion feels so heavy in the heat and takes too long to absorb, leaving you feeling sticky instead of silky.

The solution? Dry oil. Now, hear me out before you say: "OIL? ARE YOU CRAZY, WOMAN?" Dry oil is called "dry" for a reason -- it absorbs into skin instantly, leaving it super smooth with a nice healthy glow.

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil ($29) is an amazing choice, but equally great is Boots no7 Pamper Dry Oil Body Spray($9). Both come in a spray bottle to make application easy, simple and quick.

Happy spritzing!