It's Summer: Banish Your Blow Dryer

not-your-mothersAmong the many glorious things about summer is the fact that I can banish my hair dryer until at least September. For the next few hot months, Mother Nature is my Conair 1875. But that doesn't mean my hair goes unattended. With a few easy steps and products, I can leave my apartment with wet hair, and end up with beachy waves by the time I get to work. Here's how I do it:

 Towel dry hair as much as you can, then use a wide-toothed comb to detangle. It's important to get all the kinks out!

 Next, I apply a bit of hair oil. I like this Moroccan Argan Oil by Avon, because it has a nice consistency. This helps hair from frizzing in humid climates and also adds amazing shine and smoothness.

 Then I spritz in a bit of texturizing spray, because you want some hold. Surf Spray by Bumble by bumble is a splurge, but this one by Not Your Mother is just as good and a total steal at $6.

 Finally, I create a sloppy braid and I'm out the door. After 10 minutes in 90 degree heat, I take out my hair tie, et voila -- I practically look like a hair ad.

So, again: comb, dab, spritz and tie. Easy as pie.