The Fault In Our Stars Style

TFIUS-necklaceIf you haven't stopped obsessing about The Fault In Our Stars, that's okay (okay?), because we haven't either. Thanks to its super-duper-mega-success, there's no shortage of TFIOS paraphernalia to help prolong our emo-ness. This Some Infinities Are Bigger Than Other Infinities necklace connects two infinity signs together, which we like to think symbolizes Hazel and Augustus. *sob*

And speaking of tears, after you've exhausted yourself from crying too hard, here's an Okay? Okay. pillow to rest your head on for a breather.

Finally, once you regain your composure <deep breaths>, change out of that shirt you used to blow your nose after you ran out of tissue, and slip into this illustrated Hazel Grace & Augustus Waterstank top. But just a warning: it may cause bystanders to burst into spontaneous, uncontrollable weeping.