Three Riveting Teen Beach Reads

Teen Beach Reads  






It's time to stretch out in the sun with books that make you want to read all day. These three? They deliver.

☼ Surrounded by Sharks by Michael Northrop. When 13-year-old Davey wanders off in the early morning to find a quiet spot to read and get away from his family on their beach vacation, he doesn’t expect to find himself miles out at sea, swimming for his life as sharks circle his kicking legs. Told through the perspectives of Davey, his charismatic little brother Brando and various other well drawn vacationers who are trying to find the missing boy before it’s too late, Surrounded by Sharks will keep you up late at night—the suspense that builds and builds requires a read in one sitting. And the finale? So worth it.

☼ Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas. On senior year Spring Break, Anna and some friends, including her best friend Elise and her boyfriend Tate, are partying in Aruba. Suddenly, Elise is dead -- and Anna finds herself accused of murder. This ripped-from-the-headlines story takes twists that will make your head spin. Get ready for a mental roller coaster. The paperback was just released, and another Haas thriller, Dangerous Boys, is coming in August.

☼ The Prince of Venice Beach by Blake Nelson. This author is a must-read for team I Heart Daily, and his latest novel -- about a street smart kid nicknamed Cali who lives on his own in the California boardwalk town of Venice Beach -- delivers the realism and heart that we expect from Nelson. As Cali pursues his dream of becoming a private investigator, he finds out that not all cases -- especially ones involving beautiful girls with mysterious pasts -- are cut and dry.