Vintage Style Under $40

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.11.43 AMSummer feels like a throwback season, where tricks of light make photos dreamy and nostalgic. So what better style inspiration than the past? Here are three vintage-inspired picks we would be happy to see in Summer '14:  Mew Unto Others shorts, ModCloth ($40, pictured). High waist, kitty pattern and a bow-tie back? Yes, please.

 Doodle Print Scarf, Spotted Moth ($15). There is nothing more old-glam than a silky scarf, and this one combines a modern print with classic colors. Around your neck in a cheeky knot or upon your head for a convertible drive... you're so vintage Hollywood.

 Small Straw Market Bag, Urban Outfitters ($39). This 70s-style bag is spacious enough to be practical for a beach day but small enough to be worn-in cute.